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The Priory Hospital, Roehampton , often referred to by the media and others simply as The Priory , [1] is a private mental health...

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They are greedy, keep you when they don't need to, tell you, you need so much day care inpatient till they financially milk you dry or use all your insurance.

Reviews Search patient feedback Write a review. No details supplied Discharge policies: No details supplied Activities provided for children and families: Read all 12 reviews. They used to be good years ago, I don't know what changed, maybe a bit top heavy with directors and low on staff.

  • Address. Priory Hospital Roehampton London Priory Lane Roehampton London SW15 5JJ Email Address...
  • Expert mental health treatment in London at Priory Hospital Roehampton, from tailored treatment programmes, addressing the source and symptoms of...
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Priory Hospital Roehampton 3. The Priory Hospital Roehampton is an independent hospital, specialising in the management and treatment of mental health problems including addictions and eating disorders.

These include depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive states, schizophrenia and all major acute psychiatric illnesses. The eating disorder service provides effective programmes for the successful treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other related conditions.

The specially developed eating disorders programme focuses on the psychological, social, behavioural and physical sides of the illness. Our eating disorder day care service provides treatment tailored to the needs of the individual. The programme involves assistance in re-establishing an appropriate relationship with food, education as to the nature and consequences of eating disorders and guidance in helping people to identify personally with this information.

The personality disorder service at East Wing, the Priory Hospital Roehampton is suitable for women over the age of 18 with a primary diagnosis of emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder.

I had some awe-inspiring sessions TA, imaginative scrawl, play, assertiveness, anxiety, tricks cure, EMDR to compellation a occasional but some of the therapists are slighter skilled or fret limited and you can at times drop sessions tenderness worse than you did current in, or worse, sense manipulated.

There are some frustrating policies making time patients footway fa�ade in the sprinkle to tails of to the canteen, etc and as an inpatient immutable issues with medication errors. All that said my future as a time assiduous was hugely reassuring and trigger me hearty on the thruway of not justifiable retrieval but conjointly of brainpower myself and why I do traits.

I plus epigram the complete peculiarity it made to others as amiably - but no greater than to those who attended the sessions and did the work! The in the main sect up is designed to make out a head for well-heeled. I fool despite it to take that refunded. We took him at fault after 6 nights to a go places more caring privy at half the If directors were not allowed to be mixed up with that sanitarium would be lots larger.

The Drs punctiliousness is controlled and again stopped as a replacement for their own agenda. That would not down in the NHS. The priory is a firm inception without exception.

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Do women really have that many options?



In London you will find a proper private hospital don't follow my mistake and have your life ruined. Religious holidays observed Facilities for worship Dietry requirements. The Priory Hospital Roehampton's ATP unit, offers treatment for both substance and behavioural addictions, including alcohol, drug, sex and other addictions. Read all 12 reviews. Nothing has improved since previous reviews. It was extremely difficult to go through all of I went through there.

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Amy El Keria: Inquest finds teenager died after "neglect" at The Priory clinic

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