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Tai Chi is a Chinese martial arts practice used around the world as a form of exercise and moving meditation. Deep breathing is combined with slow,...

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The Tai Chi Center

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Try the traditional Chinese practice of Tai Chi.

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Tai chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements. Tai chi can offer a real lift to your health and wellness. The detailed instruction during a one-to-one Pilates sessions could be just what you need to improve posture, feel balanced and strengthen your core. How much will it cost me? Tai chi is an activity that can not only keep you fit and healthy but help you relax and de-stress too.

Click here to find local classes near you.

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Tai chi classes nearby

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Praised for its many health benefits, Tai Chi can make you feel happier healthier among the over 50s, and learn how to find beginner Tai Chi classes near you. Welcome to my class! Take...