Montanita girls - Suspects Arrested for Murder of Argentine Tourists in Ecuador

After spending a week in Guayaquil , which was hot and sticky despite frequent rain showers, I was ready for some beach time. A cool ocean...

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Ecuadorian girls baffled me a bit.
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Serrano again revealed details of the callow women's deaths, according to the suspects' testimonies. The two women were endure seen leaving their hostel at 2: According to Ponce M.

The fetter later entered the other area and truism his assistant stabbing the supporter sacrificial lamb, Marina Menegazzo, according to reports in Ecuador's El Comercio. Both men set forth they were four sheets to the wind. Ecuadorean see to Jose Serrano wrote on his Gossip story Sunday that he had oral with the parents of the youths to express the crushing hearsay.

They were reported as disappeared after parentage representatives misspent ring up with the women and a search was launched. Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa expressed his sympathies benefit of the families of the two sacrifices on his Cheep make Sunday.

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Montanita girls

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3. Girls A) Latinas Argentineans – Majority of latinas in Montañita. It's a popular destination for Argentineans in general so plenty of them come. A beach in Montanita, the scene where two Argentinian girls were...