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The magical traditions of ancient Greece encompassed spells, curse tablets, drugs, potions, poisons, amulets, and talismans. For many cultures of...

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Those involved in herbal magic know that Mother Nature is an abundant repository of magical resources and the different magical qualities of herbs have been noticed and mentioned throughout history. The more we live in balance with Nature and the cycle of the seasons and the tides the more we can attune to the Wisdom of Mother Earth. Modern medicine has evolved the use of herbal plants to assist all those suffering from different ailments, and as already mentioned in other articles there is indeed a great need for balance between the Old and Modern wisdom.

This article is mainly going to focus on the magical properties of the herbs suggested unless mentioned otherwise. The belief that the spirit of a plant can assist in magical practices has deep roots in history and I am the first to acknowledge that not only every plant has its own magical uses but different parts of a plant can be used for different magical purposes.

Yet given our modern lives, this article aims to help all these Witches that live in cities and cannot grow and harvest their own magical garden but can still own their own magical cupboard.

Each plant given will have a brief description of their magical use and if available a link to those who want to learn more about it. Sage leaves and branches, alone or with other plants, are usually wrapped up together and left to dry. This creates a nice ready to use smudging incense that when lit can be used in purification, cleansing, banishing and healing practices.

Alternatively, dry sage leaves can be placed on a charcoal disc for the same purpose. The tea is sipped before going to bed to provide comfort and understanding over a difficult situation.

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Can monks do magic? We oft picture monks or at least the ideal of the monastic firmly in the setting of the monastery, either seeking enlightenment through study and meditation, or carrying out in the affairs of the monastery.

Well, it seems that throughout most of the history of Buddhism the answer to the first matter has been yes , and to the second usually why not? No, Indian, Chinese, Japanese monks have all mixed potions, cast spells and exorcised demons. Once, when a Chinese coenobite spotted Bodhiruci casting a fascination to make the water in a well boil, the loosely friar started to pay special allegiance to him. But Bodhiruci stopped the monk and explained that all Indian monks learn these skills.

Spells were being dramatis personae by Buddhists long before the tantras appeared. Indeed, the reading of verses against disease or evil spirits goes right wager to the beginnings of Buddhism. Buddhist monks have traditionally lived apart from, yet among air people, who support their system of life. And ordinary family have turned to the monks for help with their circadian needs, whether serious calamities compatible illness, the complications of childbirth and spirit possession, or the questions that are answered beside astrology and divination.

Magic in Ancient Greece: Necromancy, Curses, Love Spells, and Oracles | Ancient Origins

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Out of Place in Time? Two Sides to Every Story: It is only when the Taoist priests, Tao-shi, have completed the expiatory ceremony at the scene of the disaster, after this time they may resume their usual interactions with their neighbours. In a footnote to this discussion pp.

The kinds of protection and shielding spells used in various cultures and magical traditions diverge based on what is perceived as a magical threat in each cultivation or institution. For exemplification, in cultures where the evil gaze is a major magical threat, there are hundreds of styles of apotropaic amulets and spells to ward insane the to all intents of the eye. On the other hand, in cultures where a serious form of hostile black magic consists of throwing magical powders or dusts on the coach for casualties to prowl over, years ago the types of safeguard will be aimed at immunizing or shielding a given from getting hurt when stepping in that muck up c dirty.

In other words, in order to understand a culture's bulwark spells, you have to understand that culture's spells of hatred and ruining.

Taking the broadest judge possible, it can be said that protection spells and charms take on a number of forms, and that these include: At that site you will manage archives from usenet posts circa to the detailing teeming more spells for insulting and household protection from several magical traditions.

Folks seeking a structural judgement of the role apotropaic charms with in folk-magic may be interested in a blunt essay i have written on how luck, meticulous devotion, and the demand for blackmail overlap in the making and wearing of amulets. Not all uses these for aegis, but they all do have possessive qualities. If this is the head time you have encountered Hyatt matter at that web position, please mulct a concern to clear and look over the supportive page hailed "Hoodoo - Conjuration - Witchcraft - Rootwork" close Harry Middleton Hyatt.

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Asian protection spells

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No, Indian, Chinese, Japanese monks have all mixed potions, cast spells and exorcised demons. There's a story about Bodhiruci – an Indian. Classical feng...