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The HC-8E desire provide years of mending for any shaved ice business. In favour of questions with reference to this gang, click on the FAQ tab in the sky.

If you don't learn what you're looking fitting for, feel without to pass on us a call anytime at or email us at customercare hawaiianshavedice. It gives you all the ins-and-outs of the shaved ice specialty.

Install the Hatsuyuki HC-8E on a sturdy, and waterproof surface. Be sure to use a grounded, three-prong V electrical receptacle and keep d away from the electrical portions of the car. To run the ice shaver, utilization an ice scoop and fill the hopper with cubed ice.

Next, termination the lid and change the fop adjustment projection counter clockwise until it comes to a bring to a stop.

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Same day shipping when your order is placed before 2pm CST.

Elementary for operation and maintenance. The inlet cover can be removed by just lifting it up straight. Model HC-8E uses the food zone plastic covers and parts confirmed safe as per NSF standards and the covers are uninflammable as per UL safety standards. For safety, the machine does not start while the ice inlet cover is open. The stainless blade is made in Japan for its long lasting sharpness.

Most of all the food-zone parts are disassembled by hand easily. You just need to use a screw driver for removing Rotary Hopper,than Head cover, water-proof mask, and ice cute are removed by hand. The smallest ice shaver among Hatsuyuki commercial shavers.

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Next, remove the two screws holding the blade and pull out the blade making sure not to cut yourself. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to give us a call anytime at or email us at customercare hawaiianshavedice. Besides that, the typical blade change was all I needed to do for the most part.

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