Dating for couples app - Top 5 Dating Apps for Couples and Singles

Our 10 Best Dating Apps for Couples provide lovers with new ways to communicate, share pictures, show affection and get to know each other — all by using a...

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Players can win rounds simply by knowing more about their partner than the partner knows about them. Welcome to Feeld 5. We've been busy since we released 5. Subscriptions must be managed by the members and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the member's Account Settings after purchase.

The app shows where the other person is touching his or her iPhone and when both touch the same spot, the area lights up and vibrates or makes a sound. Nov 5, Version 5.

Technology has changed our daily lives.

Over the last 5 years, technology has become a significant way to help people meet each other. This is through the large catalogue of dating apps to choose from with the likes of Tinder or Bumble for example.

But what people fail to actually think about is, what about the apps for couples? How has technology managed to fit into and benefit the lives of people who are already in relationships? Do you know how to get funding for your app idea? Read our FREE guide 1. Here, you can upload photos, create shared to-do-lists as well as message each other with its own messaging services.

In a more fun aspect, you can send your partner love notes, use the drawing functions to scribble notes as well as create pictures together. This is an app that I would recommend for couples in long distance relationships. However, Honeydue makes this easy and effortless. Here, you can track your bank balances, bills and how much you and your partner are spending together all in one place and one platform. The app keeps all data thoroughly organised and even notifies you to remind you of due dates for paying bills.

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  • Feeld is a space where you can explore your desires and find your...
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If you'd according to complete passion imaginative and unpredictable you can have fun...


Dating for couples app

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Calling itself the “Tinder for couples, singles and swingers,” the app functions like the typical dating apps, with a swipe-for-match...